Queens Illegal Conversions

Queens Illegal Conversions


Queens Illegal Conversions should be aware of The New York City Building Code. Illegal conversions can lead to fines up to $15,000 as well as a year in jail. The Office of the Queens Borough President, along with the NYC Department of Buildings has created a guide to educate various homeowners and tenants about the laws surrounding Queens Illegal Conversions, Queens Illegal Conversions of basement apartments, Garages, etc. The legalization of basement apartments and how they are converted is important information. Our Queens Expediter can be of great assistance to you when dealing with Queens Illegal Conversions.

What are considered Queens Illegal Conversions?

Queens Illegal Conversions are created when one or more units are created within a home or building without getting the express approval, along with the proper permits from the NYC Department of Buildings. The single family home is usually modified or altered in various ways by creating a fully functioning illegal basement apartment or an illegal garage conversion. In some cases, dwelling units have been added for an entire Queens Illegal Conversions rooming house. Our Queens Expediter can easily tell you if your home has any Queens Illegal Conversions.

Are all apartments added in Queens considered Queens Illegal Conversions?

Our Queens Expediter will immediately say no. It’s permissible to add an apartment or other dwelling to a home in some cases. The zone that a building resides in must allow the additional dwelling units to be added and the property/building must meet all requirements for zoning. Finally, the NYC Department of Buildings must issue a building permit and finally a Certificate of Occupancy to add the additional unit. If you have these requirements then our Queens Expediter will tell you everything is fine, your home has no Queens Illegal Conversions.

If you want to add a legal apartment to your home speak to Queens Illegal Conversions. Our Queens Expediter will be able to tell if it’s legal to do so, based on zoning.


What does zoning have to do with Queens Illegal Conversions?

As our Queens Expediter explains: New York City uses zoning tools that will regulate the density, use and type of structure that is able to be built on any property. Each block is zoned differently, including industrial, commercial and/or residential.

What if I already added a bathroom or additional unit? Is it part of what is considered Queens Illegal Conversions?

If you have a permit from the NYC Buildings Department, and a Certificate Of Occupancy then it is almost for sure legal. Otherwise you need to deal with the Queens Illegal Conversions. You have two choices. It can be removed or you can have it legalized with the help of a Queens Expediter. You should review our information and I suggest you get in touch with us here at Queens Illegal Conversions.

What happens if a complaint or ECB Violation notice is received?

Any complaints on Queens Illegal conversions or Queen Illegal Apartments will be checked out by the Quality of Life Task Force of the City’s Building Department. If the apartment is illegal, an ECB Violation will be received. At that point, it’s most likely going to involve getting a hearing at the ECB or Environmental Control Board. This could include fines.

What are the fines for Queens IIlegal Conversions?

The penalty fees range from $250 to $15,000, depending on the number of ECB Violations and what the ECB Violation is.

How can I correct a Queens Illegal Conversion and how long do I have?

You can remove the Queens Illegal Conversion condition and restore it back to the way it originally was or you can try to legalize the condition. You should try to correct the conditions before receiving an ECB Violation notice, otherwise you will continue to receive fines until the Queens Illegal Conversion is corrected and legalized.

How do I make a Queens Illegal Conversion legitimate?

Contact our Queens Expediter concerning zoning, building laws, building permits, etc. Your best bet is to have a free consultation with Queens Illegal Conversions at 718 839 6057.




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